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Aurea Lamarckian

The brush (Lamarckian aurea) is a species of the grass family.


Matilla common of 5-20 cm, characterized by its dense inflorescence, characteristic of very stunted in soil that is barely weathered bedrock. Leaves 2-6 mm wide, soft and pale, the surface with somewhat swollen pods, ligule 5-10 mm.

Stem glabrous with pubescent branches immediately below the spike. Flower in dense panicle 1-6 cm long and 2 to 2.5 cm wide, somewhat one-sided, oval-oblong and angled spikelets in groups of 3-5, first green and then brown, with short peduncles villous , where a fertile spikelet flowering rudimentary developed and an upper are surrounded by sterile spikelets 2-4, each 6-10 mm in length.

The slogans fertile spikelet has elongated, pointed almost equal, with an edge of 6-10 mm sterile spikelets formed by a pair of glumes similar to those of the fertile flowers and slogans in number of 6-12, which overlap each other, in two rows, obovate, about 7 mm, mutica, finally pubescent. It reproduces by seed.


With slight tendency calcicolous, in rocky places, shady pastizalesy very sparse crops dry, limestone with abundant alluvial substrates stoniness.

Source: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamarckia_aurea

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