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Dactylorhiza majalis

L 'Orchido broad-leaf (scientific name Dactylorhiza majalis (Rchb.) PF Hunt & Summerh 1965) is a herbaceous plant spontaneous Italy, in the family Orchidaceae.


This plant, mainly glabrous, is 20 to 40 cm high (minimum 15 cm, maximum 70 cm), with a rather squat posture. The organic form is bulbous geophytes (G bulb), which are herbaceous perennials that bring the buds in place underground.

During the season, no adverse air bodies and gems are in organs called underground bulbs or tubers, storage organs that annually produce new stems, leaves and flowers. Terrestrial orchid is because unlike other species, is not "epiphyte", that does not live at the expense of other plants of major proportions.


The roots are collated and minor bulbs, and are at the top of the bulbs.


* Leaves basal: basal that are lanceolate to ovate-lanceolate. Size of leaf: width 2-5 cm length from 8 to 16 cm.
* Leaves Caulino: Caulino ones are lanceolate-linear, are longer than those below.


The inflorescence is composed of flowers gathered in dense spikes (up to 50 flowers), the form is sub-globular or oval. The flowers are placed in the armpits of bracts lanceolate-linear, longer than the flowers (so protect it before flowering) and dark green, are also resupinati, turned upside down by twisting the ovary in this case the lower lip is aimed.

The first flowers to appear are even lower when the stem has reached its final extension. Also this inflorescence (as in other orchids) shows early flowering cone and then take a more regular basis. Inflorescence length: 5 to 15 cm.


The flowers are hermaphrodite and zygomorphic irregularly, pentacyclic (perigonium to 2 whorls of tepals, two whorls of stamens (one only fertile - the other being atrophied), a whorl of the stylus) . The color is reddish-purple flowers with darker veins present above the lip. Flower Size: 10 to 15 mm.


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