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Helichrysum genus belongs to the Asteraceae family and comprises about 600 species of flowering plants.

Its name derives from the Greek words HELISSA (turn around) and chrysos (gold). Are located in Africa (with 244 species in South Africa), Madagascar, Australasia and Eurasia.


Comes with a limited root zone and numerous rootlets from which various fusticini start branching onto which leaves linear color gray ash.

The flowers, which are round and thin petals are meeting heads of various colors from yellow to pink to red. The fruit is an achene. The leaves are oblong-lanceolate. Are flat and pubescent on both sides.

Flowers in summer. It is common in rocky areas and arid hills of limestone. It collects all piantina.Nell 'Helichrysum cultivated for gardening feature of the flower that has petals dry and well suited to conservation.

The Helichrysum augustifolium is distilled in a stream of steam for the production of an essential oil, yellow-red where the substance present in greater quantity and essence that gives the characteristic odor is the Acetate nerile.


Hillard (1983) divide this large and diverse genus into 30 morphological groups, but many authors consider it a kind of artificial kind. The taxonomy of this polymorphic and probably polyphyletic, gender is actually complex and not yet satisfactorily resolved.

Some species, such as H.acuminatum and H.bracteatum, were transferred in 1991 Xerochrysum gender, respectively X subundulatum and X. bracteatum. In 1989, a number of Helichrysum species have been reclassified in Syncarpha. The species included in Pseudognaphalium instead are probably congeneric Helichrysum.

Source: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helichrysum

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