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Homogyne Cass., 1816 is a genus of plants belonging to Spermatophyta Dicotyledons Asteraceae family, looking for small herbaceous perennials peeking from the typical inflorescence.


The appearance of these plants is quite herbaceous with minimum height (on average 10 to 30 cm). The organic form is such emicriptofita rosulata (H ros) that are perennial plants with overwintering buds at ground level and covered with litter or snow, with leaves arranged in a basal rosette.


The roots are from secondary rhizome.


* Basal Leaves: radical leaves are leathery (rough or smooth), but in bright green color of the page top. The lower one may be green or white-tomentose. The surface is smooth, also pubescent along the ribs, while the rim is crenate-toothed. The shape of the plate is generally widely rope or kidney and a large bay in the center of the base, namely the insertion of the petiole. These leaves are collected in basal rosettes at the base of flowering stem and appear together at flowering (as opposed to species of other genera Petasites and Tussilago as neighbors whose leaves are made to see finished flowering).
* Leaves Caulino: 2:00 to 3:00 the stem has short bracts (or leaves squamiform) apart.


The inflorescence consists of a single head (rarely two) long stalk. The structure of the head is typical of the Asteraceae: the stalk supports a cylindrical shell composed of several linear scales, but not identical to each other and arranged on a single rank, possibly reinforced by other children, which serve as protection for the receptacle naked (without flakes) to insert themselves as two types of flowers: female flowers, the outer ones ligulate (absent in this genus, and indeed on the periphery of the female flowers are present, but they are always but more elongated tubular type), and hermaphrodite flowers than central tubules.


The flowers are tubular type, zygomorphic, tetra-cyclic (ie, formed by four whorls: glass - corolla - androecium - harem) and pentamers (calyx and corolla composed of 5 elements). The flower color is white tending to pink-violet.

Source: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homogyne

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