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Potamogeton, common pondweed, water lily, is a genus of aquatic, mostly freshwater, the Potamogetonaceae family.


They are mostly perennial and typically produce rhizomes which are the ways through the winter. Many species are also specialized winter buds called turions can also leave the rhizomes, stems or runners of the rhizome.

The leaves are usually opposite in the region except flowering stem. This contrasts with the related genus Greenland where the leaves are opposite or whole.

In many species all the leaves are submerged, and in these cases are typically thin and translucent. Some species, especially in marshes and very slow water, have floating leaves that tend to be more leathery.

The diagnosis of many species of Potamogeton is the presence of a delicate membrane-like scales on the leaf axils. And you can be fully secured, in part or free, and wound margins or appear to have a tube. The flowers are tetramerous.

Distribution and habitat

Potamogeton species are found throughout the world where water is running. It is estimated about 90 species, but hybridization provides more complexity to the taxonomy

The "Canadian pondweed, Elodea canadensis, which shares some features, not a Potamogeton.


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