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Psychotria ipecacuanha

The refractive root (also Ruhr Latin root: Psychotria ipecacuanha or Uragoga ipecacuanha) is a species of the Rubiaceae family (Rubiaceae). It is also known by its Portuguese name ipecac or Spanish Ipecacuana. Its root is used in medicine to Ipecacuana syrup - a strong emetic - produce.

The plant grows in tropical lowland rain forests of Central and South America from Nicaragua to Brazil before. It grows slowly, so that for a plantation culture is not really suitable. Occasionally she is in South America, but has been taken in India in culture.

The dwarf shrub is about two feet high and has leathery, entire leaves. On the delicate flower of white color is followed by a fleshy, blue-black drupe. In medicine, root is used, the branching a few times. In the market various varieties are available (gray, red, brown), originating from the same species. Differences in appearance are due to the age and irrigation.

The plant was brought in 1672 by a South American traveler named Legros in Paris. A trader named Garnier acquired in 1680 about 68 kg of it and told the doctor Helvetius of their qualities in the treatment of dysentery. Helvetius was given by Louis XIV, the exclusivity granted, but then sold the recipe to the French government, which published it 1688th

Ipecacuana is highly toxic and leads to bloody diarrhea and cramps to shock or coma. It contains the alkaloids emetine and Cephaelin, are prepared from the ipecac prescription drugs so in Germany. The medicine is helpful when it comes Vomiting trigger. It was formerly used as a cough medicine in the early stages of bronchitis, but there are better alternatives for it. As a syrup formulation is chosen.

The name comes from the Tupi language of i-pe-kaa favorable so much meaning "plant from the road edge, which makes one sick." In the history of botany which ipecac was listed among many other scientific names. Medically, the roots of Cephaelis acuminata (ipecac Colombia, Cartagena and Panama-product) and Cephaelis ipecacuanha (Brazilian B, Rio Mato Grosso, or used goods). There is also Uragoga ipecacuanha. Other names from the spoken language are "Ipecac" or "Brazilian roots.

Source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brechwurzel
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