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Background Story of Cheung Chau Festival

is the annual Festival rolls taipingqingjiao Cheung Chau island of Hong Kong.

Cheung Chau Bread Festival attracts thousands of Hong Kong and non-Hong Kong Cheung Chau island to tourists. It is every year on the eighth day of the fourth month in the Chinese calendar account (usually in May). The holiday falls happen on the same day as Buddha's birthday.

The festival began as a plea to the Chinese gods to Prevent the island from pirate attacks. This is often forgotten today. It is now more a representation of traditional Chinese culture.

During the festival there are parades, lion dances, and suilindansen qilindansen held. There is food on the island vegetarian, even the McDonalds is in it too. Something typically Cheung chaus the mountains during the party rolls are built.

The mountains have a sandwich cone shape and long thick bamboo sticks by geconstructueerd. Cloths are tied to poles and the cloths are stuck Chaubroodjes Cheung. At the end of Cheung Chau Festival rolls are these "mountains" and address the participants climbed as much as possible sandwiches.

These are counted and a winner will be announced. The higher the Cheung Chaubroodjes lie, the more expensive they are. Therefore, race participants immediately after the starting signal upstairs to do our utmost to tackle bread. During the 1978 race was one of the three rolls mountains and caused more than one hundred wounded.

Cheung Chaubroodjes bring the local people in peace. The sandwiches are also attached to the door to ward off evil spirits. Mostly elderly pick the remaining rolls after rolls Cheung Chau Festival off the ground. Heal the rolls, according to local superstition elderly diseases.

The sandwiches are dried in the sun. If someone is sick, the dried bread soaked in hot water and eaten. Because many buns after the festival sometimes begin to rot, is currently free from hygiene rolls distributed to the elderly to prevent them rotten sandwich pick and place.


A story about the origin of the festival is that in the 18th century on the island of Cheung Chau ruled a pandemic. There were also regular pirate attacks. This teasing stopped when anglers an image of Pak Tai to the island brought.

The image was borne through the villages and the evil spirits were expelled. Villagers also dressed as a Chinese god. They are great suits sometimes three meters long.

Source: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheung_Chau_Broodjesfestival

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