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Bulgarian Kingdom Historical

Independence Day of Bulgaria - Bulgaria's national holiday. There is September 22, as the proclamation of the sovereign of the Bulgarian Kingdom. One of the newest holiday country.

Proclamation of Independence

Proclamation of Independence took place on Sept. 22, 1908, when the Bulgarian Prince Ferdinand I read in the town of Veliko Tarnovo in the Church of the Forty Martyrs "Manifesto on the Independence of Bulgaria".

Prior to the announcement of independence the Principality of Bulgaria was formally a vassal of the Ottoman Empire and in all foreign policy acts requested approval of the Turkish sultan. Independent, Bulgaria became known as the Bulgarian kingdom.

Recent history

In the history of the communist holiday does not exist. In the modern history of the country began celebrating Independence Day in 1998. Center for the celebration is not Sophia, and the town of Veliko Tarnovo, which was read the "Manifesto".

Festivities begin at the monument of Independence of Bulgaria solemn reading of the Manifesto, and in the evening on Sept. 22 at the city Tsarevets is a theatrical performance in the open.

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