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Chuseok Origins

Chuseok is a traditional Korean holiday. He is on 15 celebrated day of the eighth lunar month and is next to the New Year Seollal and the Dano Festival is one of the most important traditional festivals in South Korea.

The name means nothing more than Chuseok autumn evening, the celebration is often referred to as Hangawi, which could be translated as "great middle".

This name comes from the fact that the festival takes place on a full moon night in the middle of the Chinese year. In South Korea, will be officially used, although the Gregorian calendar, the calculation of holidays but the Chinese calendar is used, which is designed according to the lunar cycle. So it happens that Chuseok is always celebrated on the full moon.

The importance after Chuseok is the Korean equivalent of the first Thanksgiving. For this reason, the Chuseok Festival in the house of the head of the family are also done incredible amounts of diverse foods, which eaten newcomers from the relatives during the festival. Main dish is Songpyeon (송편), a green rice cakes filled with sesame seeds and pine aroma.

The festival is the latest since the early days of the Silla Dynasty (57 BC to 936 AD, celebrated), where it was originally from a month-long Web competition. The team that had woven to Hangawi more clothes, was the winner and the losing team was treated to a feast.

During the festival, not only the award of higher social standing living family members and ancestors is operated (차례 / 茶 礼), through which the Asian companies always make sure their social structure, but also carried out in cheerful atmosphere of games.

In many families are too many songs sung and drank to much alcohol. A more important for the children and young people part of the festival is the fixed deposit, they receive if they prove to the older family members to honor.

That you are at the head of the family shall mean, for most residents of Seoul, that they leave the city on Chuseok and travel to the home to the parents, grandparents or the house of the eldest brother.

Since South Korea is quite in these days the way, is an integral part of traffic chaos, can be planned for in the usually 4 hours of driving a good 12 to 14 hours. Even the Dodge on country roads or the shutdown brings no relief in the early morning hours, as many others follow the same strategy.

Even for those who remain at home and expect the relatives, Chuseok is a stressful occasion, because eventually they have to prepare all the food, which the relatives and the ancestors will be presented.

More and more popular so the Chuseok-party service that brings the traditional dishes for consideration into the house.Then remains is the work of decoration and of serving. The family members contribute to a festive version of the Chuseok Hanbok, a traditional dress in Korea.

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