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Holy Thursday In Alsace

Holy Thursday is the Thursday before Easter. It commemorates the institution for Christians by Christ at the Last Supper, or Eucharist, at the last meal with his disciples before his arrest. St. John is represented based on the breast of Christ, as described in the Gospel story.


This is the beginning of Easter Triduum, celebrating the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus.

At the evening Mass of Holy Thursday, Mass said, "In coena Domini", has held a special ceremony, the washing of feet or Mandatum. Twelve men have the right foot washed by the priest during Mass in the evening (usually between the sermon and the offertory).

The ancient liturgical rules (before the reform of Holy Week in 1956 by Pius XII) provided there thirteen men. A thirteenth person because there was a miracle of Saint Gregory at the ceremony. Other versions explain this by the presence of the Blessed Virgin or by the master's house .

This ceremony recalls what Christ did at the Last Supper. Besides the Gospel of the day is where Christ washes the feet of the Twelve Apostles. (John XIII, 1-15)

Some churches, engaged in extraordinary form of Roman rite, have, after Mass in coena Domini, another liturgical office: the Office of Darkness still called the Tenebrae.

Andean Traditions

Even today, some Andean populations whose Catholicism is infused with pre-Hispanic traditions, is a special day. From the night of Holy Wednesday, the beginning of Christ on Calvary, and until Easter Sunday, God is dead.

He does not see. It does not monitor. He has three days to fish. This is an opportunity for many of the most sinful feasts, alcoholism and unbridled sexuality.

Maundy Thursday takes place on April 9 in 2009, 1 April 2010 and April 21 in 2011.

In Alsace

There are about thirty years, was still the custom among the Protestants of Alsace to eat that day spinach and eggs was the Greendonnerschdaa (Thursday green), and the market of the Marne which was held in Strasbourg on Tuesday, we saw a lot of housewives with spinach in their shopping bags .

Source: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeudi_saint

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