Kamis, 01 Juli 2010

The Wholesale Balsam Plant

Wholesale Balsam (Impatiens noli-tangere) is an annual, kruidachtigee species of balsam family (Balsaminaceae). Noli-tangere The species name means "stir me."

The plant is 30-70 cm and sometimes up to 100 cm high. The golden line symmetrical flowers are 15-35 cm long. The track is curved. The petals are fused in pairs. On the inside they are red to brown striped red dotted. The plant blooms from July to August.

The upper stem leaves are usually smaller than the bottom, and 7-20 mm wide, blunt teeth.

The fruit is a capsule. As usual in this genus, this open jump in touch with the seeds over a distance of approximately 3 m hop away.

The plant is originally from central Europe and is also in Belgium and the Netherlands in the wild, in contrast to an exotic species as the Himalayan balsam (Impatiens glandulifera).

It grows in forests, gorges and stream banks in moist places. In the mountains it can to heights of about 1300 m encounter.

Source: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Groot_springzaad

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